Emil Isen

Emil Isen was born in the town of [Town Name Here]. He is the only son in his family. His parents didn’t have a trade to train him into, so he made a living of doing odd jobs around the town. These random errands led him to a man who offered him some gold if he did some of his dirty work for him. He did his work quickly and efficiently, and was paid well. Word got around of his work.

His work caught the attention of the [head governmental figure] of the town. The town has had some problems with a band of goblins nearby, and he wanted some people to get rid of it. Thinking nothing of it, Emil accepted alone.

Emil left for the goblins, thinking only of how much money he would make from this size of a job. Upon arriving to the goblin camp, he was ambushed by 5 goblins at once. He fought as best as he could, but could see more goblins further into the camp, and ran.

He ran all the way back to the town, only to report failure. Shamed by this, he took all he had and left the town, for good. He made his way to Darack to start his mercenary life over.

After years of countless jobs taken, he had made enough gold to buy his current magic longswords, which he now prizes.

Emil Isen

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