Kidnapped by Barbarians?
It's Not Slave Carts, but Still Not Good.

In the world of Domhan, on the continent of Talamos, our heroes were travelling west on Bothar Road, about two weeks out from the city of Darach. Each was a stranger, heading to Darach for their own purpose. They were journeying, and then…everything went black.

The group awoke in the dark. Quickly it became clear they were trapped in a cave. In an impressive feat of strength, or an incredible bout of luck, a man named Emil was able to move the massive boulder out of the way. This revealed that it was dawn, and they were in some sort of makeshift barbarian encampment.

As they looked around, they realized they’d been captured by a very rough looking barbarian tribe. Strangely, the barbarians looked relieved to see them. After a few minutes, the obvious leader of the tribe and another barbarian came to the edge of the pen. These were barbarians of the Caill tribe. Their leader, Ri Batair and the other barbarian, Tanist Cavan approached. Cavan crudely translated for Batair, as Batair only spoke the Caill dialect.

According to Cavan, they were a nomadic tribe. They settled there for a short time, but some of their tribe has gone missing. One of the missing was the wife of Ri Batair, Siusin. As they’ve searched for them they came across some sort of dungeon at the back of the cave. They’ve already lost four of their best warriors, and didn’t care to lose anymore. They abducted the adventurers, and offered them a choice to explore the dungeon and attempt to find the missing kinsmen, or to fight to the death.

The group offered to help the barbarians. Their weapons and gear was returned to them, and they found out that that place that the barbarians disappeared was the very cave where they were being held. Upon further inspection, the group realized there is some sort of secret door at the back of the cave. Upon getting blood on the back wall of the cave, the door opened, and the group traveled down a great distance.

During their descent, the passageway was flooded with rats. Luckily, one of the captured was a witch named Elsbeth. She was able to put many of the rats to sleep, allowing the rest of the group to destroy the rats at a more manageable pace. With the rats dispatched, the group moved on, lower into the tunnel.

When they arrived at the bottom of the passageway, they found what seemed to be an underground temple or training facility. The first thing that they noticed was that it was unreasonably cold. Several members of the party immediately felt the numbing cold seep into their bones. In the very first room, there were couches and chairs and coffee tables grouped together. It felt like some sort of reception room. In the southwest wall, they came across a statue of a demon with glowing red eyes. They moved on.

There were numerous chambers, each turning out to be dormitory style bedrooms, some very masculine looking and some with feminine touches. They took anything they thought would be useful or valuable as they went through each room. In one of the rooms, they found the bodies of four members of the barbarian tribe. They did not find the wife of Batair.

They came to a dining hall, and were immediately set upon by several skeletal champions. They decided to do a tactical retreat, moving back into the reception area so they wouldn’t be fighting in a tight hallway. As the battle came to them, one of the group, a young woman named Mary Baker, realized that she had run out of daggers to throw. She decided to pick up the demon statue to use as a weapon. The moment she touched it, she crumpled to the ground, dying.

Another member of the group was a woman named Elena.She had the ability to heal, and saw to Mary’s injuries as the battle raged around them. Mary was saved, and the undead were defeated.

The companions pushed further into the building, and realized there seemed to be many more creatures behind a set of double doors. They decided to leave that room alone and go inspect the rest of the building. As they continued on, they found a library. In the middle of the library, they came across a ghost. It immediately attacked them. During their ghostly encounter, the cold crept over them once again, and almost everyone was fatigued, overcome with a terrible chill. They decided to retreat, rest, and figure out another way to deal with an angry spirit.

Back at the barbarian camp, they communicated to Batair and Cavan that they found the bodies of the barbarians, but not that of his wife. They described their battle with the ghost, and the barbarians came forward with several bottles of holy water, hoping this would aid them in their mission.


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